Best Forex Trading Strategies 2021

If you are new to the world of Forex trading, no worries because 2021 just started and there is still plenty of time to learn. Among other things, what you need to know in order to be successful here are what the best Forex trading strategies for newbies are. The fact of the matter is that trading Forex is not easy, not in the least. It takes plenty of hard work, dedication, and education to be profitable.

Well, this is what we are here to talk about today, to inform you of some of the best tips and Forex trading strategies for newbies out there at this time. If you pay attention to what we have to say here today, you should be able to learn enough to start trading Forex profitably. Let’s get right to it.

Best Forex Trading Strategies

Best Place for Free Forex Trading Strategies

Before we get into talking about what some of the best Forex trading strategies are, particularly for newbie traders, we do want to touch on where all of these strategies are coming from. What is interesting to note is that this website here is of course called Andrew’s Trading Channel.

Well, all of the strategies that we want to talk about today also come from Andrew’s Trading Channel, just the YouTube channel.

For those of you who don’t already know, Andrew’s Trading Channel on YouTube is currently one of the most popular Forex trading channels out there for free information. When it comes down to it, since this channel started, there are thousands of trading tips, strategies, and guide videos that have been uploaded.

This is YouTube, so of course, everything is free. If you want to learn the best trading tips and strategies around, especially about specific topics, and you don’t want to pay any money. ATC on YouTube is the place to be.

Best Forex Trading Strategies


Best Forex Trading Strategies on ATC YouTube

Right now, we want to focus on seven different videos from Andrew’s YouTube Trading Channel. These videos encompass some of the most important trading strategies, rules, and tips that all Forex traders need to know. Let’s take a closer look.

Best Forex Trading Strategies

Five Minute Gold Scalping

One of the most recent, popular, and useful videos on Andrew’s YouTube channel is this one about the best five minute gold scalping strategy out there.

Here, Andy describes in detail not only how scalping works in Forex, but also how you can use it to your advantage when trading with gold. He uses an exponential moving average to make it all come together, something that you will learn if you take a look at the included video.

Using Fibonacci for Trailing Stop Loss

In this particular video, Andrew describes how to use a trailing stop loss, using Fibonacci retracements, in order to prevent yourself from losing money. Now, what is funny is that Andrew did make a mistake here, and he did also lose a bit of money. It makes for a perfect example of what not to do. In terms of the best Forex trading strategies out there, this is a very useful video because it displays the importance of using proper stop loss levels.

EMA 200 & 50 Strategy for GBP/USD

In terms of awesome Forex trading strategies, this particular one is designed exclusively for GBO/USD trading, and we do have to say that it works very well. Here, Andrew discusses how to use a combination of exponential moving averages, specifically the 200 EMA and 50 EMA in order to make some pretty hefty profits when trading this particular currency pair. As you will see from this video, using nothing but this trading strategy and a few minutes, Andy was able to generate well over 700 Euros in pure profits.

Making a Premarket Forex Watchlist

Now, this might not be a Forex trading strategy per day, but it is a big part of trading methodology. The fact of the matter is that you should always make a daily Forex watchlist, or at least a weekly checklist. In this particular video, Andrew demonstrates and covers all of the different factors and aspects that go into creating Forex watchlist. This is something that everybody should do before they start trading for the day, and the less you know about Forex, the more important this is to do.

Making a Monthly Forex Trading Plan

On the same note as the previous video, this is another checklist guide, but this is a more long term solution. Although it’s not exactly a Forex trading strategy, this guide does outline the importance of creating a coherent monthly trading plan. It’s a great way to perform analysis, put together trading strategies, and to be well prepared for the month ahead.

Fibonacci Trading for Newbies

In terms of the best Forex trading strategies for newbies out there right now, this is definitely one that we would recommend looking into. Fibonacci may in theory be very simple, but it does get a bit more complicated when applied to FX trading. This guide will outline what Fibonacci is, and moreover, how you can use it in a very easy way to make some quick profits.

Making Profits with Just $100

One of the things that beginners always have trouble with is not having enough money to start trading. Well, you don’t actually need a whole lot of money to be successful in Forex trading. As you can see from this Forex trading strategy guide, if you are careful, it is possible to start with as little as $100, and turn it into $1,000 in a mere matter of days. People, it is more than possible to start Forex trading with such little cash. It just takes a while to get to where you want to be.

Learning to Trade Forex with Income Mentor Box

Ok, so there is no denying the fact that Andrew’s Trading Channel on YouTube is a great place to learn Forex. However, when it comes down to it, it’s not like it qualifies as a full scale FX education. Sure, there are lots of great trading tips and strategies, but for people who are 100% new to trading, this may not be enough.

If you need a fully comprehensive FX education where you will learn everything there is to know about trading, including charting, terminology, indicators, oscillators, market rules, fundamental and technical analysis, and all of that other fun stuff too, then there is no better place to be than Income Mentor Box.

The Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is one of the world’s leading day trading schools that all newbies can join for a very low cost. For a onetime payment of $299, you become a lifetime member of IMB, with full lifetime access to all course materials, including the 55+ full length trading tutorials. Income Mentor Box equates to a full Forex education that can turn you into a pro trader in just a few short months.

What is also worth mentioning about Income Mentor Box is that when you become a member, you also gain access to the free IMB signals service. This is a Forex signals service that will provide you with up to a dozen free Forex signals per day that can result in win rates as high as 95%. These signals are great because you simply have to copy and paste them into your trading platform. You don’t actually have to know anything about Forex to make money this way. It’s a great way to make some quick cash while you study the fundamentals of FX trading.




Trading Crypto with Cryptocurrency Mentor Box Pro Signals

The other thing that we want to touch on here is that in case you also want to trade cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, then you should check out Cryptocurrency Mentor Box Pro.

This is another great signals service, one that just like the IMB Forex signals service above, provides up to 12 crypto signals per day with amazing accuracy rates, plus you also get a ton of crypto trading education too.

Now, membership to Crypto Mentor Box Pro is not included in the cost of the IMB Academy, but we would say that it is well worth the investment nonetheless.

Best Forex Trading Strategies



Best Forex Trading Strategies for Newbies – Final Thoughts

The bottom line here is that if you are new to Forex trading, and you don’t know where to start, a great place to immerse yourself is in Andrew’s YouTube Trading Channel. It’s a great starting point because it provides you with access to literally hundreds, even thousands of awesome tips, guides, and of course, the best Forex trading strategies around.

There is of course the fact that ATC (YouTube) is great, but it does not qualify as a fully comprehensive Forex trading education. If you really want to learn everything that there is to know about currency trading, we recommend joining the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, a world-class school designed to take newbie traders and turn them into profitable full-time traders, traders that can actually make profits all on their own.