Bitget Crypto Exchange Review


If you are looking for a fast, easy, and secure way to trade cryptocurrencies, then using the Bitget crypto exchange could be right for you. Now, this Bitget crypto exchange has been around since 2018, and it is a fully licensed and registered company, one that is located in Singapore, yet has regulatory approvals in many countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia, and more. This is certainly a very reliable crypto exchange.

Now, the main focus of the Bitget exchange is cryptocurrency derivatives and futures trading, but there is a little bit more to it than that. Here we have a crypto exchange that allows you to trade with all of the biggest cryptocurrencies, it allows for multiple trading types, it has excellent customer service, and very small fees too. Let’s take a closer look at the Bitget exchange to see exactly what it has to offer.

What is Bitget & How Does it Work?

Bitget is at this time one of the very largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, as it currently has over 2 million fully registered users, with a massive 24 hour transaction volume of $5.6 billion USD. In terms of futures trading in crypto, in January 2022, Bitget was ranked as #3, which is very impressive no doubt.

With this exchange, crypto traders can trade derivates and do spot trading for very low fees, although the main focus are the derivatives. This trading exchange and platform is registered and licensed in the USA, Canada, Australia, and Singapore, therefore making it totally legal to use in all of these countries.

What’s also cool is that the Bitget exchange can be used on your browser, but there is also a mobile app for both Android and iOS users too, which means that you can trade cryptocurrencies from anywhere, no matter where you are.

Not only does Bitget offer simple derivatives and spot trading, but it also comes complete with copy trading, which makes it very easy for newbies to use. What you might also appreciate is that this exchange for cryptocurrencies also allows you to leverage most trading pairs, such as USFT/BTC by up to 125x, therefore making it super useful.


Profit Avenues Offered by the Bitget Exchange

One of the really cool things about this particular exchange is the fact that it allows for many different trending types and ways to make profits. Let’s take a look at all the biggest ways in which the BItget exchange allows you to make profits.

Futures and derivatives

One of the main focuses of the Bitget exchange is futures trading. It offers USDT-M Futures, USDT-M Demo, Coin-M Futures, and Coin-M Futures Demo through Futures. This is all about contracting to sell or buy assets in cryptocurrencies to a different trader at a current price sometime in the near future. One of the coolest types of futures trading here are the coin margined futures, a special type of futures trading created by Bitget, which allows you to use various currencies as margin for many trading pairs. In general, when it comes to trading derivatives, Bitget is by far one of the best trading platforms around. It’s all about selling or buying a financial instrument and making a profit by anticipating future price changes.


Leverage Trading

This exchange also allows users to engage in leverage trading. They offer leverage trading on perpetual, which means that futures that don’t have expiry dates. The maximum leverage here is 125 X, which is a whole lot. Just be aware of that lot of this can lead to massive returns, it can also lead to big losses.

The Quanto Swap Contract

This is a very exclusive feature that is only offered by this particular crypto exchange. This allows the users to trade a variety of cryptocurrency assets that they have as collateral, and then trade cryptocurrencies on margins using many different cryptocurrency trading pairs. One of the big bonuses here is that this allows you to retain the trousers for the conversion of coins to coins, while also allowing me to collect profits earned from the higher value of a specific coin. All you have to do is choose the type of order, the leverage, and the trading pair.

Perpetual Contracts

That’s pretty cool is that this particular exchange also offers perpetual contracts, which means that investors have the choice of buying and earning a long term commitment, investment, a short sell on the contract, all of which gives them a digital currency. perpetual contracts are very similar to spot trading at her based on margins.

Copy Trading

If you are a beginner trader who does not know how to trade, then one of the biggest features that you will want to take advantage of here is the copy trading feature. Here, users can follow any trader using the platform and then track both their portfolio and strategy without any cost. For any trader, they can make up to 80% of the profits that they’re followers make, which allows them to develop effective strategies with copy trading.

This more or less allows users to make a passive income comment because you simply copy the trades that are made by other profitable traders. What’s really cool is that person investor, you can execute trades instantly when you copy them, is it allows you to track the strategies and so much more of the most profitable traders.

Low Transaction Fees and Minimum Deposit

Something that you are really going to like about this Bitget exchange is the fact that you need to deposit $50 to start trading, plus there are also very low fees. For spot trading, there is a 0.01% maker fee and a 0.01% taker fee, and for Futures Trading, there is a 0.2% the end of 0.06% taker fee.


Signing Up with Bitget to Get Huge Rewards – Final Thoughts

Other important thing to note about this Bitget exchange is the fact that you will also get a special bonus if you deposit money within the next short amount of time. For instance, if you deposit $1500, you will get a $60 reward. This reward structure goes all the way up to a maximum deposit of $125,000, which will provide you with a reward of $8000. Do keep in mind however that you will only get this reward if you sign up through the particular link that we have provided here today.