COTPS Trading System FAQ

The COTPS trading system was just released the other day, and it has already made a huge impact on the trading community. You might have already heard of it, especially the fact that it can generate up to 3.6% in profits per day without any work at all.

That being said, many people do have questions about it. This is what we are here to do today, a COTPS FAQ to answer all of your most important questions about it. We’re going to discuss how to sign up for it, how to deposit and withdraw funds, how to place trades, how to put this software into fully automated mode, how much money you can make, and more.


What is COTPS?

This is a brand new piece of cryptocurrency trading software. This is known as an arbitrage trading system that buys low and sells high. This software is designed exclusively to trade cryptocurrencies, and it is semi automated. In other words, it does all of the research and heavy lifting for you. You then just have to deposit some money and manually execute the best trades of the day.


What Does it Trade?

This software is designed to trade cryptocurrencies exclusively. At this time, it does not have the ability to trade any other asset type.


How does COTPS Work?

What you are probably wondering is how the COTPS trading system works to actually make money. Well, this particular cryptocurrency trading app is designed to follow an arbitrage trading strategy.

This means that this app scans all of the cryptocurrency exchanges out there, as well as all of their available cryptocurrencies. It then compares the prices of individual crypto coins across all possible crypto exchanges.

Then, when you place a trade, the software purchases a specific cryptocurrency from the most affordable source, then sells it back to the exchange that will pay the most. It simply buys low and sells high to and from various crypto exchanges. It’s all really quite simple.



Is COTPS Fully Automated?

The normal version of the COTPS trading app is not fully automated. It is semi-automated, which means that you do need to place trades manually and individually. However, as you are about to find out below, there are ways to make this system full automated so you don’t have to do any work to trade.


How do I make COTPS Trading Software Fully Automated?

To make this trading software fully automated, you simply have to contact Andrew directly at [email protected]. You will then be sent a script or additional piece of software algorithm that you can incorporate into the original platform. This will effectively turn the COTPS system into a fully automated cryptocurrency trading app.


How to Place Trades?

You do need to place trades manually, so you need to know how to place trades. All you have to do to place trades with COTPS through the arbitrage system or by simply earning interest. If you just want to earn interest, you first have to choose how long you want the money to be locked in for. If you choose the 13 day lock in option, you’ll get 9% return on your investment.

However, for traders, trading through arbitrage is the way to go. To trade arbitrage, click on the transaction hall, then click on the button that says immediate competition for orders. When you click on this, you will automatically be provided with the best possible trade to place at any given time. It really doesn’t get much easier than that.


How Much Money Can COTPS Generate?

One of the most important things that you probably want to know here is how much money COTPS software can generate for you. The simple reality is that through the arbitrage trading method, you can make up to 3.6% in profits per day.

Remember that you can then also compound this money day after day. Even if you only generate 1% per day from $100, you can make $3,400 per year. If you invest $1,000, at 2% profit per day, you can make over $900,000 per year.


How to Sign Up

Signing up for COTPS trading software is very easy. You first just have to follow the links that we have provided here today. You will land on the official COTPS site, where you will choose the language of choice, your country, telephone number.

You will then be sent a verification code on your phone, which you must then enter into the corresponding section on the site. You then need to create a nickname and password. You should now have a functional account.

How to Deposit and Withdraw Money

In order to trade, you first need to deposit money. This is easily done. Simply log into your COTPS account. To deposit funds so you can start making income. You are going to click on the mine tab within the platform, and you will then click on the recharge button.

Here, you will also see a withdrawal button, which allows you to withdraw funds. To deposit money, click on recharge, and here you will see two deposit options, a QR code and a traditional deposit method. Through the traditional method, you need to transfer USDTTRC20 tokens into your wallet address. You can see the wallet address underneath the QR code.


What is the Cost?

The really nice thing about this COTPS software is the fact that it does not cost anything to use or to download. You simply have to forfeit a small percentage of your daily profits. No worries though, because the makers of the COTPS app don’t take much. They take just a fraction of your profits, so little that you won’t even notice.


Is COTPS Software Legitimate?

What we do need to make clear is that this COTPS software is legit. In no way is it a scam. This company is actually registered and incorporated in Canada. All necessary and relevant documentation can be found on the official COTPS website.


COTPS Trading System Review & FAQ – Final Thoughts

We hope that we have managed to answer all of your most pressing questions about this new COTPS crypto trading app. As far as we are concerned, this is one of the current best cryptocurrency trading systems out there. If you want to make money trading crypto, we absolutely recommend checking it out right now.


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