How I’m Winning Trades with UPSI

Good day to all of you aspiring traders out there, my name is Carol Brown. Today, I want tell you how I’m winning trades with UPSI. Moreover, I also want to tell you how I discovered the UPSI and why I like it so much.

Now, for those of you who don’t know what the UPSI is, let me explain. UPSI stands for Ultimate Profit Scalping Indicator. This is a special type of indicator that I can use with my charts. It is designed to produce profitable buy and sell signals on short term trades.

Now, a lot of people out there might not really understand what this UPSI indicator is or what it can do. Moreover, most people probably just aren’t aware of it. Today, I want to tell you the story of how I found success trading the markets using this awesome UPSI indicator.


Hello, I’m Carol Brown

Ultimate Profit Scalping Indicator


How I Discovered UPSI

First off, before I became a successful trader, I was actually a zookeeper. I was a professional zookeeper for many years, close to ten years actually. Now, being a zookeeper is great in some regards, mainly because I love working with animals, particularly exotic animals.

However, it’s also a very hard job. I would work upwards of 70 hours per week. No, the pay wasn’t bad, but it certainly was not great either. Certainly not good enough to support a husband who is unable to work due to injury, and to put two very intelligent kids through schooling. Financially, it just wasn’t happening.

That said, what really made me re-evaluate my career choice was when one of the older lions almost killed my fellow zookeeper. This zookeeper lost the function of his right arm, and was in the hospital for nearly two months. This is what made me look for a new career.


At this time, my sister and good friend was also a professional trader. She was making nearly $250,000 per year trading Forex, the stock market, and cryptocurrencies. She was always going on about how I should try trading myself. I kept telling her that I had no idea how to trade, and that I really didn’t have the time to learn either.

That said, I knew she was successful and I knew that I had to quit my job at the zoo ASAP. So, I started trading. I tried my hand at trading everything she trades, including Forex, crypto, and the stock market. I had some spare cash that I invested, nearly $10,000 actually. Lo and behold, apparently trading is super hard. I may as well have flushed the cash down the toilet. Then, by pure chance and luck, I came across the Ultimate Profit Scalping Indicator, AKA UPSI.

I was doing some research into trading on YouTube. I came across Andrew’s Trading Channel, a trading channel headed by a very popular, friendly, and knowledgeable trader. I watches some of his trading guides, and I really liked what I saw. In one of his trading guides, he talked about the UPSI, an indicator that he and his team had created himself. I figured heck, the UPSI and the stock market trading school that it came  with cost jut $399, so I gave it a shot.


How UPSI Helps Me Win Trades – What I Like About UPSI

Let me tell you that purchasing the UPSI was by far the best decision that I ever made in regards to my life as a trader. The UPSI is a state of the art indicator. Now, let me tell you that at this time, I really didn’t know anything about indicators. However, based on so many positive things I saw, I knew that the UPSI could help me make money.

Now, when I first got the UPSI, I just watched Andrew’s tutorial videos on it, and I read the included instructions. It all seemed easy enough, and it was. All I had to do was to open a chart, choose the market I wanted to trade in (whether a crypto coin, a currency pair, or a stock), and then wait for the signals to tell me when to enter and exit a trade.

Ultimate Profit Scalping Indicator

I thought it was too good to be true, so I only invested $100 in my first short term trade. Remember that the UPSI is designed for trades that are open for less than a single day. Well, I just about doubled my investment.

Within four hours, my trade was at $185. So, I kept using the UPSI to trade, and I still do today. Using nothing but the information that UPSI provides me with, I can make anywhere up to $20,000 per month. Ok, so I usually make closer to $10,000 per month, but some months are better than others.


The simple reality is that this awesome scalping indicator is super easy for newbies to use, it can be used to trade any market, and it’s accurate well over 80% of the time. Trading really doesn’t get easier than that. By the time I was using the UPSI for two months, I felt confident enough to finally quit my job as a zookeeper, so I did.




Stock Trading Mentor Box: A Huge Bonus

Now, besides UPSI, I also got Stock Trading Mentor Box included with my purchase. Yeah, I could have gotten the UPSI for just $299, but for an extra $100, I also got membership in one of the world’s best stock market trading schools.


After many months of using the UPSI, I got bored of trading with just signals. I also figured that at some point it would be beneficial for me to actually learn how to trade on my own without outside help. So, I opened the course, and it took me about 3 weeks to work my way through the content.


After about 3 weeks, I had finished all 50 of the stock market trading lessons. I really liked the lesson because they were super comprehensive and detailed, yet also very beginner friendly and easy to follow along with too. Even better is the fact that Andrew himself is the teacher, and he really does make learning how to trade stocks relatively fun and easy.




My Life as a Profitable Trader with UPSI

The reality is that thanks to the UPSI and the education I got from STMB, I am now a profitable and successful fulltime trader. Well, who are we kidding? I only trade for like 20 hours per week, with the rest of my time being dedicated to my kids and husband, and all of my newfound hobbies too.

That said, I am making about four times as much money trading 20 hours per week than I was looking after dangerous zoo animals for over 70 hours per week. Thanks to UPSI and Andrew’s Stock Trading Mentor Box Academy, I am now living my best life.

For more trading tips, strategies, methods, and everything in between, check out Andrew’s Trading Channel. Here you will find the world’s best stock market trading school, a trusted day trading school, state of the art indicators and trading tools, Forex and crypto signals groups, and more!