New Automated Forex Trading Bot Release!

If you are someone who likes to trade forex, then we have a big announcement for you. Now, this announcement is for anybody who is already an expert forex trader, but needs an application to help make life easier. This announcement is also for people who have absolutely no experience trading forex, and need an application that can trade on their behalf. We are very pleased to announce that there is a new automated forex trading bot that will be released next week.

As far as we know, this new automated forex trading bot is going to be released on Monday February 28th. That said, there are sometimes delays, but as far as we know, February 28th will be the day.

Now, fact of the matter is that we are not yet allowed to tell you what the name of this new alternative for next trading bot is going to be. We have been sworn to secrecy and are not yet allowed to divulge this information. With that being said, we are allowed to tell you a few specific facts about it, and that’s what we’re here to do right now. Let’s get to it and provide you with all of the possible details we are allowed to provide you with about this new automated Forex trading bot.

New Automated Forex Trading Bot

New Automated Forex Trading Bot – A Sneak Peak

Like we said, there are a few key details about this new automated forex trading bot that we are allowed to provide you with, so let’s do that right now.

  • This new forex trading system is going to be fully automated. Unlike so many other systems out there that claim to be fully automated but aren’t, this one certainly is. You literally just have to turn it on and let it do the work for you. It will generate its own signals, plays its own trades, and close them on your behalf too.
  • This new foreign currency trading application is designed to be extremely user friendly and newbie friendly. It literally does all of the work for you, and you really don’t have to know the first thing about how to trade forex in order to use it to make consistent profits.
  • Speaking of consistent profits, there has been some preliminary testing done on this system. As far as we are concerned, based on official test results, you can expect this application to win around seven out of every 10 trades that it places. A 70% ITM rate is of course quite impressive.
  • Keep in mind that this is not going to be a freestanding trading platform. Rather, it is an application that you must install and then activate on MT4 or MT5. That said, we know for a fact that installation is going to be very easy and quick.

New Forex Trading App Release Coming Soon!

Folks, I definitely want to say to him for Monday February 28th, because this is when this new automated forex trading bot is going to be released. It is set to change the way that people trade forex, and it can definitely help make your life just a bit more profitable.