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Hi, my name is Andrew...

Forget about everything that “trading gurus” have told you; if you expect trading to be easy, you will quit after a few failures. On the other hand, setting correct expectations and preparing your self psychologically will help you bear through the hardest part of your trading career – the beginning.

That is why I always say that the technical aspects of trading are significant. But without, for example, correct psychology, absolutely any profitable trading system will be useless. I could teach you technical analysis relatively fast. However, you would still fail without proper psychological preparation, mentorship, and many other non-technical aspects of trading. 

I stick to the concept of understanding and explaining almost any market movement. There are no coincidences in the market, every price movement has a reason. Yes, it is a bit more difficult than “one simple structure”; however, that is something that will enable you to have a fighting chance at the financial markets. Everything else is just a waste of time.



As far as technical analysis is concerned, remember, there is no simple “pattern” or “structure” that will continuously make you money. It is a myth and a lie told by too many trading “gurus,” which gives trading a bad name. My concept of trading is very different. I do not stick to one “simple” pattern because it will stop working eventually, and I do not like to lose money.

I am founder of my own Day-Trading Academy where I offer full-blown trading education to all members with life-time access. Every member in my academy will also get access to my trading group where everyone can copy my trades everyday For-Life and generate profits without months subscriptions.

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