No More COTPS Withdrawals!

Ok, so the COTPS is a new trading platform designed for trading cryptocurrencies. For a few weeks, it was going really well and people were profiting with it. However, unfortunately for everybody out there who has money invested in a trading account with COTPS, there are now some issues.

The simple fact of the matter is that at this point, almost a week ago now, COTPS has cancelled their withdrawals. In other words, anybody who still currently has money in the system, you will no longer be able to withdraw it. Let’s take a quick look at this COTPS withdrawal issue.

COTPS Withdrawal Issues

To be quite honest, there really isn’t that much to say here. It’s simple fact of the matter is that this trading platform has seemingly canceled all withdrawals for the time being. These withdrawals were actually cancelled at the beginning of this current week, and have been down for close to a full seven days at this point.

Now, over social media, at the COTPS support team does it state that the withdrawal system will be back up and running by May 20th, which is today, but lo and behold, it’s not up yet. They claim that the withdrawals are closed due to people panic withdrawing their money.

They say they don’t want their system to crash or the liquidity pool to dry up, so they had to prevent people from withdrawing money. Whether or not this is true is honestly questionable. This is especially the case seeing as the withdrawals still cannot be made, even though the claim was that the system will be back up and running today.

Simply put, anybody who currently has money inside of the COTPS system cannot withdraw it. Moreover, whether or not the withdrawal system will ever come back online and allow people to withdraw their money is questionable at best. This definitely doesn’t bode well for anybody who has money invested with this system, but that said, there’s unfortunately not much that you can do about it.

The social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook seem to just be sending out basic standard messages. They keep changing the timeline in terms of when the withdrawal system should come back up, and most people say that it is not doing too good. Here, we have included two separate videos that explain in detail the issues happening with this trading software at this time.

If you take a look at the videos, Andrew explains exactly who the people behind the software are, and whether or not they’re legit. Andrew also goes into detail about this withdrawal system and exactly what it means for people who currently have money in the COTPS system.


The bottom line here is that for now, the COTPS system is down. Seeing as you cannot make withdrawals, you also should not make any deposits. For the time being, you should not use the COTPS platform. If it does come back up and start functioning again, we will let you know.