Stock Market Trading: A Success Story

Hello everybody my name is Janice Greene and I’m here to tell you all about my journey into the world of stock market trading. I have now been a successful stock market trader for about the last six or seven months. I might still be in the beginning stages of my trading process, but I have already managed to see a good deal of success.

Now, I wasn’t always a successful stock market trader, rather far from it. What I can say is that I owe everything I have today to Stock Trading Mentor Box. Stock Trading Mentor Box provided me with all of the skills and tools I needed to become successful in stock market trading.

However, things didn’t start out so well. I first started out by losing a whole lot of trades, and I was very close to giving up on the whole thing, but that is when I came across Stock Trading Mentor Box.

Before we get to talking about this really awesome trading school that I had the privilege of joining, I do want to start this story from the very beginning. I want you to understand where I came from, and how far I have come since then.

My Name is Janice Greene 

Janice - Stock Market Trading

Life Before I Started Trading

Let me tell you that about two years ago I never in my life thought that I would start stock market trading. It was simply not something that had ever crossed my mind. With that being said, I had spent the better part of 15 years being a landscaper. You might think that landscaping is a decent job, and in some ways I guess it is.

I got to spend all day outside, I met new people, and the pay wasn’t too bad either. However, with that being said digging holes, lifting rocks, and looking after plants for anywhere up to 12 hours a day is not exactly ideal. For one, my back and legs really started to hurt when I had started to develop really serious back issues. Second, the customers were not always very fun to deal with either, and between you and me, I had just had enough of dealing with rude people.

Stock Market

For this reason, I was looking for something new and better, something that was easier on my body, and better for my wallet too. For this reason, I figured that I would start stock market trading. I have a few friends who kept talking about stock market trading, and after a while they had convinced me to give it a try. I figured why not give it a shot because after all, it did seem like an easy way to make some quick money. That being said, I quickly discovered how hard stock market trading actually is.

My First Few Months as a Trader

When I first started stock market trading, I really had no idea what I was doing. However according to very many people, stock market trading is supposed to be really easy and I should have been able to make quick money without an issue. Well, anybody who says that stock market trading is easy is downright lying to you and they probably have a hidden agenda.

Let me assure you that stock market trading is one of the hardest things that I’ve ever done in my life. I quickly discovered this when I invested my first $2000, and then quickly lost all of it right away. It took about a week for all that money to disappear, and this is when I realized that I should probably get myself a stock market trading education. For this reason, I did some research and looked up a bunch of stock market trading schools, I found one that looked OK, and I joined it. Well, joining this stock market trading school costs me about $1500, and it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Stock Market Trading

It really didn’t teach me much, mainly because all of the things that were being taught to me were extremely unorganized and confusing period it seemed as though this course had absolutely no structure, and the lessons were not organized at all in any way, shape, or form. It seemed to be just a random amalgamation of information.

 In the grand scheme of things, for someone like me, a total newbie, a completely unstructured and unorganized course like this just didn’t help me one bit. If anything this first stock market trading school I joined left me with more questions than it did answers period now, it did teach me a few relevant skills, but they clearly weren’t enough to get me to a place of success, because I tried investing another $1000 into trading, and low and behold, it all disappeared once again. At this point in time I was more or less ready to give up on trading, because by now, I was out nearly $5000, and I didn’t know if I could stomach anymore losses.

Stock Market Trader

However, this is when I came across Andrew A and his stock market trading school, Stock Trading Mentor Box. I read a lot of reviews and testimonials from third party sources, and they all confirm that Stock Trading Mentor Box was indeed the real deal. For this reason, I decided to give it one last shot into the world of stock market trading, and I joined the Stock Trading Mentor Box Academy.

Learning with Stock Trading Mentor Box

Right off the bat, let me tell you that joining Stock Trading Mentor Box is by far the best decision I’ve ever made in my life period now, you probably want to get to learning how to trade the stock market, so I’m not going to spend too much time talking about the course itself. However, below I do want to provide you with a short list of exactly what I really liked about this particular stock market trading school.

Stock Market Trading

  • First and foremost, the teacher, Andrew is one of the friendliest and most knowledgeable people that I’ve ever met. Unlike the previous trading course I took, Andrew was always willing to answer questions period I could email him and contact him whenever needed, and he always responded to my questions with very detailed responses, and it never took him long to respond either. Any confusion that I had was always quickly cleared up by him personally.
  • What also stood out about Stock Trading Mentor Box is the fact that the course is very well structured and organized. It features over 50 full length and very comprehensive lessons. The lessons start out with its basics and the simple aspects of stock market trading, and then gradually progress up to the more complex aspects of the stock market trading. The point here is that the course is structured in such a way that it is very easy for newbies to gain a foundation of knowledge and to then build upon it. Moreover, all of the individual lessons are also structured in such a way that they are very easy to understand. Andrew explains everything in great detail and backs everything up with live trading examples, thus making even the most difficult concepts easy to understand.

Stock Market Trading

  • I did of course like the fact that I was able to learn stock market trading from the comfort of my own home and on my own time period Stock Trading Mentor Box has no set time limit, and once I was a member, I had unlimited and full access to all course content. Although it took me no more than a month to work my way through the course, I could have taken a year if I wanted to.
  • The other thing that I did appreciate about this course is the fact that it only costs $299. This might seem like a lot of money to spend, but the fact of the matter is that other stock market trading courses are much more expensive. The fact that this course came complete with over 50 full length lessons, as well as a free indicator is definitely worth the $299, and let’s face it, that is a total steal.
  • The other thing that I did of course really appreciate about Stock Trading Mentor Box is the UPSI or ultimate profit scalping indicator that came included with it. Although I didn’t really know how to use indicators in the beginning, this stock market trading course taught me how to use indicators, and once I knew how to use them, I put this ultimate profit scalping indicator to use. As I quickly discovered, this particular indicator is one of the most accurate and user-friendly ones in the world.


Life After the Mentor Box Stock Market Trading Course

I do want to repeat that joining Stock Trading Mentor Box was indeed the best decision I ever made. I went from being a losing trader to being a winning trader. Now, make no mistake about it, because I do still lose trades. I even have full losing days where I actually lose money on several trades. This is not uncommon, and Andrew taught me that there will always be losing days here and there.

The market is a dangerous place and losing some money is normal. However, in the grand scheme of things I am now a winning trader.

I feel confident enough to trade the market on a daily basis, and in the grand scheme of things, I usually have winning days the majority of the time. If I had to estimate, out of the five days per week that I trade, at least four of them are winning days. This means that I am definitely making profits.


If I had to guess, I would say that I am currently winning anywhere from 75% to 85% of the trades I place, which is a whole lot more than the zero percent of trades I was winning before Stock Trading Mentor Box. At this point, I have enough money to live comfortably, to travel the world, and to take a day off whenever I see fit.

Up until I started being a profitable stock market trader, I was really hesitant about starting a family, because raising children is extremely expensive. However, now me and my partner are more than ready to have children, and it is in part thanks to all of the money I am making thanks to Stock Trading Mentor Box.

Not only am I making way more money than I was before, but I get to do so from the comfort of my own home instead of spending 12 plus hours per day outdoors lugging around heavy bricks, rocks, and plants.

Stock market trading has completely changed my life for the better. My body feels better and my bank account certainly looks better too. For anyone who really wants to learn stock market trading, I definitely recommend checking out Stock Trading Mentor Box. Andrew is hands down the best teacher that I have ever learned from.

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