Stock Trading Mentor Box: My Personal Favorite

My name is William Robinson and I want to tell you why Stock Trading Mentor Box is my personal favorite stock market trading school. Keep in mind that I had already been a part of two different stock market trading courses before, but they just didn’t do it for me. They were hard to follow, they provided me with nothing but stress, and they didn’t provide me with the tools that I needed for success.

That said, let me just start at the beginning. I used to be a personal trainer at a local gym, and it wasn’t a terrible job. I was always active and got to meet new people, but I just wasn’t making all that much money. Seeing as I have a wife and four children, four children who are all in that university stage of life, it meant that I needed to start making more money, and being a personal trainer just wasn’t going to get me the level of wealth that I needed to be comfortable in life.

For this reason, I decided to become the stock market trader, but like I said, the first two courses I took were just plain garbage. They were very expensive waste of time period however, I then came across Stock Trading Mentor Box. One of my good friends had told me about the Stock Trading Mentor Box Academy, so I checked it out. Well, I joined Stock Trading Mentor Box shortly after looking at it, and it was by far the best choice I have ever made. Stock Trading Mentor Box turned me into the successful stock market trader that I am today, and I want to tell you exactly how this happened.


Stock Trading Mentor Box

Why Stock Trading Mentor Box Worked for Me

What I want to do right now is tell you about the six main reasons why Stock Trading Mentor Box is my personal favorite trading school of all time.

It’s All online

I picked another training classes before, and the fact of the matter is that when you have to go to a classroom to learn, things automatically get difficult. I still have my primary job when I was learning how to trade, I have a wife, and four children. This means that I really didn’t have time to go to in person classes. For this reason, I chose Stock Trading Mentor Box, because it is a 100% online trading school.

This meant that I was able to work it around my busy schedule, and I was able to learn from the comfort of my own home. I would fit in lessons wherever possible between taking care of my kids and driving them to their various activities. Not having to leave my home to learn how to make money on the stock market is definitely one of my favorite aspects and Stock Trading Mentor Box.

It’s Learning on My Own Time

Related to the above point, another reason why I chose to learn from Stock Trading Mentor Box is because there are no set time limits.

There are plenty of trading classes out there where you only have access to the course content for a limited amount of time, once you take a lesson, you can often not take it a second time without paying more money. Moreover, many of these classes also have tests that you have to take at certain times.

Well, this really didn’t work for me due to my busy schedule. This is another reason why I chose Stock Trading Mentor Box, because there is absolutely no set time limit for any of the courses.. Once I became a member of this trading school, I got unlimited, full, and lifetime access to all course content.

Now, it did take me about three weeks to work through the course, but if I worked quicker, I could have done it in about a week. That said, I could have taken three months or even three years if I wanted to. The fact that you can learn without any time constraints really removes a lot of the stress from the equation.

Stock Trading Mentor Box

I Really Like the Teacher

One of the aspects of the Stock Trading Mentor Box that initially attracted me to it has to do with the teacher himself, Andrew a period I had already come across Andrew from his YouTube channel, Andrews trading channel, as well as from his various social media profiles. I knew for a fact that Andrew was a great teacher, because I had already watched some of his training videos on YouTube.

I knew that I really liked his style of teaching because he was both humorous and informative. Andrew knows how to convey these difficult market concepts in ways that are quite easy for newbies to understand. Moreover, Andrew is also just a very down to earth person who is easy to communicate with period on more than one occasion I had questions for him, and he always responded to my emails in great depth and on time too.

It never took him longer than a couple of days to answer my most pressing questions, and he always took care to answer them in great detail. I have great respect for Andrew and his trading capabilities, and even more respect for the fact that he makes for such a great teacher. I never thought that learning how to trade the stock market could be fun, but Andrew did somehow manage to achieve this.

It Was Very Easy to Follow

Something else that I really appreciated about the Stock Trading Mentor Box Academy is the fact that everything was really easy to follow. Unlike other trading schools that I had considered, this one actually has a great structure.

It doesn’t just jump from one lesson to another, and all of the rest lessons are related to the previous ones. In other words, the course starts out with the simplest and easiest of terms, concepts, and market features. It’s then slowly progresses to the more complex aspects of trading, such as trading strategies and more.

Each of the lessons is like a stepping stone for the next one, in this kind of structure made it very easy to learn. Moreover, Andrew made sure that all of his lessons are very easy for newtons to understand, because everything is explained using words, visual examples, and live trading examples.

It Taught Me Everything I Needed for Success

Perhaps one of my favorite things about the Stock Trading Mentor Box Academy is the fact that it provided me with quite literally every single piece of knowledge that I needed to become a professional and profitable trader.

Stock Trading Mentor Box

As I mentioned before, this is one of the most fully comprehensive trading courses out there. It came complete with well over 50 separate lessons, and each of them are around 20 minutes long period all of the lessons are about a specific topic and they go into great detail, and everything is very well explained too.

Stock Trading Mentor Box

Stock Trading Mentor Box provided me with all the tools, skills, and knowledge that I needed to start making money trading the stock market. If you need a comprehensive trading course that provides you with both the basic and the complex pieces of knowledge that you need to make money, then Stock Trading Mentor Boxes it.

It Came Complete with an Awesome Indicator

The other reason why I chose to join a Stock Trading Mentor Box has to do with the Ultimate Profit Scalping Indicator or UPSI for short period this is a state of the art profit scalping indicator that comes included with Stock Trading Mentor Box. This is a fantastic indicator as it provides me with awesome buy and sell signals on various timeframes that I can then place accurate trades on.

Stock Trading Mentor Box

These signals are accurate between 80% and 90% of the time, which means that it’s nearly impossible for me to not make money with it. If you need an awesome trading indicator that can help you make consistent profits on a daily basis, then this Ultimate Profit Scalping Indicator is definitely something that you want to get your hands on.


Why Stock Trading Mentor Box is My School of Choice – Final Thoughts

Joining Stock Trading Mentor Box was by far the best choice I ever made. Andrew, the awesome teacher, produced a stellar trading course that is fully comprehensive and taught me everything I needed to know for success. of course, I do use the Ultimate Profit Scalping Indicator for the majority of my trades, because it’s just much easier than having to do all of the research myself.

With that being said, I now work anywhere from 20 to 30 hours a week, as opposed to the 60 hours I was working at the gym, and I’m now making around $100,000 per year, as opposed to around $40,000 per year that I was making at the gym. Being a stock market trader has completely changed my life, and it is all thanks to Stock Trading Mentor Box.


Stock Trading Mentor Box

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