World OTC Frequently Asked Questions


The World OTC passive income system was just released a few weeks ago, and people had some questions about it. We are here today to answer all of these questions.

What is World OTC Software?

World OTC is a brand new type of passive trading system. It is designed to allow people from all walks of life to make easy money without actually having to do any work. Here, just talked to invest money into the system and let it do all of the trading for you.

It is technically designed to function using arbitrage trading to trade both cryptocurrencies and Fiat currencies on your behalf. There are eight trading sessions each day, each which you have to manually activate, and each trading session last for three hours. Each of these eight daily trading sessions will provide you with profits.


How Does World OTC Software Function?

The World OTC passive income system functions through what is known as arbitrage trading. Arbitrage trading simply means that this system uses a series of highly advanced algorithms to scan all of the exchanges and online markets out there. But the point here is to buy low and to sell high.

In other words, these algorithms scan all of the exchanges to see which ones sell cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies at the lowest prices, then buys them, and then scans the market to see which exchanges will buy them back at the highest prices. Simply put, you are selling and buying crypto currencies, and your profit is the difference between the buy and the sell.

World OTC


How Do I Trade with This Software?

Trading with this particular piece of passive income software is actually very easy. You simply have to attach it to your meta trader trading platform, turn it on, and let it do all of the work for you.

As we said before, you have to manually activate each of the eight daily training sessions, but other than that, there is absolutely no work needed on your behalf. The algorithms here scan the markets, do all of the research, and the trading too. You simply have to turn it on and let it produce profits for you.


How Much Money Can I Make on a Daily Basis?

The really cool thing about this World OTC trading system is the fact that your profits are fairly secured. We don’t want to say that your profits are guaranteed, because there is never a guarantee in trading, although it gets as close to a guarantee as humanly possible. The simple fact of the magic here is that you can earn around 3.2% in ROI every single day. If you leave your money in the trading system and don’t withdraw your profits between the sections, you may earn even more.


How Much Does World OTC Software Cost?

Another cool thing about this World OTC passive income system is that it doesn’t actually cost anything to use. opening an account and everything else is completely free of cost. There is no upfront cost involved here. Yes, the creators of this system will take a small fee from each of the transactions that occur, particularly from the profits, although this is totally fair. The creators also need money to keep the system maintained.

World OTC

Is This a Fully Automated Trading App?

What is important to note is that this particular piece of cryptocurrency trading software is not exactly fully automated. Yes, once we start the trading session, it does all of the trading for you. You can just activate each trading session and let it do the work for you. However, you do still have to manually activate each of the 8 daily trading sessions. That said, For more information on this front, refer to the question below.


Is There a Way to Make World OTC Fully Automated?

What you might like to know about this software is the fact that there is a way to make it fully automated, by which we mean that it will even start all of the trading sessions without you having to click the button. The way to do this is to download the script as described in the video that we have included here. As long as you download the script, you should have no problems allowing this system to function on a fully automated basis. Simply download the Full Auto software script, install it, and watch it do all of the work for you.


What Are the Trading Sessions?

So, the World OTC system has eight trading sessions per day, and each of them last for three hours. In case you are wondering what these training sessions are, this is simply the time it takes for the algorithms to buy crypto currencies and Fiat currencies from one source and then sell them back to another. Therefore, this system produces profits every three hours, which you can actually choose to withdraw every three hours if you want.


How Do I Deposit and Withdraw Money?

In order to deposit money into this software, you have to deposit USDT TRC 20 tokens. This means that you do already need to have them in your possession in a cryptocurrency wallet. The same goes for withdrawals. Yes, you can withdraw your profits every three hours, although it is recommended that you leave them to system, as they will compound. Withdrawals are also made through the USDT TRC 20 token.


When Can I Withdraw My Profits?

As mentioned above, profits can be withdrawn every three hours, although it is of course recommended that you leave them in the system in order to let them compound and to increase your daily profits at the end of each day.

Final Thoughts on the World OTC Trading System

We hope that we have managed to answer all of your most pressing questions about the World OTC trading system. As you can probably tell, this is a very high quality passive income system that allows you to make pretty decent profits on a daily basis, all without having to do any hard work. We definitely recommend that you check it out.